About EngineBox

Committed to helping you and your software team.

About EngineBox
EngineBox is a software consulting company specializing in tackling projects concerning many software engineering disciplines.

EngineBox deals with technologies ranging from:

  1. Stocks and Crypto Reporting / Tracking
  2. App Design and Support (React + Redux)
  3. Web Services, including web design, static sites, plugin design, and hosting.
  4. Auto QA testing. We use Selenium, Java, and Python.
  5. Message Queues
  6. System maitenance, including IBM Watson.
  7. Integrations, like Facebook Messenger and Slack.

We can supplement any engineering team or develop resources you already have.

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What EngineBox Offers
We provide software development services for your growing company, or supplement any existing resources you already have.

Our wide range of consulting services is backed by years of industry experience along with our passion to help clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their business needs.

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