ChatBot Design

Help Your Customers and Employees and Get Feedback In Real-Time

Easily create text-based bots that humans can chat with on their preferred messaging platform

  • slack.png

    Enable your business to communicate using AI on the worlds most highly-adopted chat platform

  • 1015px-facebook_messenger_logo.svg.png
    Facebook Messenger

    Interact with social media platforms and give your marketing teams even more exposure to your customer base

  • zulip2.jpg

    We also support open-source chat platforms

  • ibm-logo.png
    IBM Watson

    Leverage the computing power of a Watson Assistant-based chatbot for data-intensive applications

  • rasa.png
    Rasa / Rasa Core

    Our ChatBots are designed on the Rasa Stack, meaning you always own your content, and all of the processing power

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