Why page speed is important
A fast website is a profitable one

Google’s mobile page speed study shows that a site’s bounce rate gets worse every second it takes for a page to load. A time delay impacts your ecommerce sale, too. Think about it - a two-second page speed decrease boosted conversions by 66%.

If a site makes $100k a day, a 1 second improvement generates +$7k daily. A 1 second delay in load time normally equals an 11% loss in pageviews. A 1 second delay in load time normally equals an 7% loss in conversions.

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Time is money
Fast websites mean more traffic

When it comes to mobile pages, speed and size matter. Marketers must keep people engaged on mobile and focus on building mobile-first experiences.

Slow pages hurt organic rankings. Google considers page speed to be a major ranking factor for mobile searches.

With a fast and optimized website, your business can earn a valuable place in relevant search results. It’s an enormous win, as 75 percent of users stick to the first page of search results while only 25 percent click to the second page.

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Common causes of slow websites

We are experts in recognizing and diagnosing all of the different ways your website can be slow

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    Web hosting issues

    When your web hosting server is not properly configured it can hurt your website speed.

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    Outdated or improperly configured applications

    Using a poorly coded or outdated plugin can significantly slow down your website.

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    Buggy software

    Websites with errors could cause other issues with its performance, effecting your page load time

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    Large page sizes

    Having a ton of content is great for the search engines, but it also takes longer to download.

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    Too many integrations

    Working with lots of vendors can help with marketing and reporting, but adds more content to your website

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    Too many HTTP requests

    A website isn't finished loading until all of your JS and CSS files are loaded. Too many can make your customers impatient

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